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Wellness Wednesday

It has been an emotional couple of weeks filled with ups and downs. I am sad that many innocent lives have been lost and people’s voices have been silenced. However, there is a part of me that feels that things will never be the same.  I have been deeply touched and humbled by the outreach of care and love towards the Iranians who bravely took the streets in Iran.

I came across these videos tonight. Never in my life I thought I would witness such a tribute.  I have always liked Jon Bon Jovi and have been teased about it all my life about. Now, in this moment, I like them even more than ever before.  The video below is simply amazing.

Music has an amazing way of reaching one’s heart and soul.  This is simply amazing to the point where I have goose bumps all over.

This is yet another proof that the world has witnessed the struggle of the people of Iran. We may not be there with them, but they are heavily on our minds and in our prayers. We still wish nothing but their wellness and freedom.


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