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Dear Readers,

Today is an exciting day.  We are finally launching My Persian Kitchen! That’s right we are moving on up!

Much to my excitement Persian Kitchen took off pretty fast and many people have been kind enough to leave comments expressing their excitement about there being a blog like mine where they can learn about Persian Cuisine.

I can’t begin to even express how much I enjoy reading comments by the readers.  Each note not only makes me more motivated to cook and post about the cuisine of my homeland, but I am also encourage to expand this new venture in my life and see where it takes us all.

You will notice that our name is now “My Persian Kitchen.”  This was a happy accident, if you will.  When I originally created Persian Kitchen on wordpress  I never looked into domains to see which were taken as I had no idea that it would become as popular as it has. Someone has been sitting on that name for a few years and I knew that they would probably want a pretty penny for selling it to me.

So we played around with some names and one of my relatives, known here as Hungry Tiger, suggested adding the word “my.”  The other ironic coincidence is that as of late I have become more aware of other food blogs by either just clicking away through the bloggersphere or coming upon them on Twitter.  Sure enough, I realized that there are a lot of people out there with blog names that are a combination of two words one of them being “Kitchen.” So in the scheme of things,  My Persian Kitchen breaks that pattern a little bit.

I hope you will continue to enjoy our posts and visit us often at our new permanent home.  Please leave comments as we love to hear from you!

The Kitchen Staff


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Now, tell me, what kind of emotions do you feel when seeing the last few moments of this video?  I don’t know if I would have it in me to be this kind…

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Everyone else is doing it, so I thought, “why can’t we?”

Follow Persian Kitchen on Twitter. The link from here is on the sidebar to your right, just below the “On the Menu” box.


The Chef

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Dear PK readers,

My deepest apologies for the long absense. I have a good excuse though for my lack of posting. The past couple of months were rather busy around here and we had plenty going on.  I have plenty to blog about as one of the happenings was a Persian Wedding.  The other was a month spent traveling through Bavaria (South Germany), Switzerland, and Italy.

munich-021-small2We landed in Munich on the evening of March 30th. We got up early the next morning still jetlaged but ready to take on the city.  As we were wandering through the streets we came about a whole block filled with all things Persian restaurants and markets. I was rather surprised to see that there were several Persian restaurants on a short city block.

munich-017-small1Of course I had to take pictures as I was super excited to share the this with you all. Much to my dismay we were not able to take advantage of the wireless networks offered by our lodging establishment as somehow our laptop was not compatible and so I didn’t end up blogging because I really wanted to share the pictures along  with the stories.

munich-014-smallBut here we are now! And I can finally share it all with you. I was rather surprised to see Farsi written in random store windows.  Much to my surprise the McDonald’s that sits just outside the old city walls had the words McDonald’s printed in Farsi and Russian above the window. On a couple of pharmacy windows I noticed the words “darookhaneh” printed in Farsi.  We didn’t try any of the Persian restaurants as we simply wanted to try all kinds of German food and couldn’t get enough of the Bavarian food and beer!

munich-018-smallAnyway, our trip was incredibly fun and we saw many amazing places, ate delicious food,  and drank awesome beer and wine.

Sorry for the long absence. Posting is officially going back to regular schedule folks. Stay tuned for Asheh Anar.  😉

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First Milestone

I created this weblog and stared posting last month on the 11th not really knowing if anyone would be interested or if I would get any traffic. Much to my surprise, and joy, the blog has been viewed, as of right now, a whopping 1041 times. All of this  in just a little over a month. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

This has been a fun project to start.  At times it is overwhelming  because it is one thing to cook, but a whole other thing to have to document every step with photographs.  I am getting better and better at using our new Nikon and to be honest the photography part has been the hardest part.

I have a few projects in the works along with a field trip which I am planning on documenting about here.  So stay tuned, the best is yet to come folks!

Anyway, I just wanted to share today’s excitement with you all who stop by here and hope that you will continue to ride along this fun journey with me.


The Chef

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As of today we are exactly 56 days away from the Persian New Year known as Norouz.  The front plant that you see in the picture above is a purple hyacinth that I bought last year from our Haft Seen.  I decided to keep it and cut down the leaves once the flower was gone to see if the bulb would re-sprout this year.

With this said, I have to confess to you that I have a brown thumb, yes, I am really good at killing plants even though I really love plants and flowers. So after Norouz I placed the pot outside and sure enough, out of sight out of mind.  Then about a month go I noticed that it started sprouting.  I wonder if the flowers are going to be as big as last year. This  is what it looked like last year:


I think the leaves look much fuller and better this year…I am so excited about this, I can’t even begin to tell you. I can’t wait to see the flowers!

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